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Christmas Magic | A Song for the Season from The Forgotten Ornament

Play/Download Christmas Magic from The Forgotten Ornament

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In 2012… “and then there was music”

In 2012 Adducent will continue to unfold its long-term plan to create, collaborate on and produce content with compelling positive messages and beauty.

In addition to our book publishing, and its derivative work in upcoming film versions of some of our titles; we have begun working with ArkWatch to discover and publish new artists (songwriters, musicians & singers). Music that not only stands on its own but also music specifically developed as complementary pieces to our books and films based on our books.

I’d like to share a song demo with you from this effort. In a unique approach, there are two versions. One intended for him, the man in your life. The second intended for her, the woman in your life.

I dedicate the upcoming publication of “WhisperBye (for her)” to my wife Daphne. 

  1. WhisperBye (for her)
  2. WhisperBye (for him)

These songs are copyright 2011 ArkWatch Holdings LLC, All rights reserved.

In collaboration with ArkWatch and the artist, Brianna — you can share this with others but please do it by “sharing” this entire post including all its content.

I invite you to to sign up for News & Updates on what we’re doing. You’ll receive an announcement (and more details on the artists) when the songs and album are available.

Please also visit www.ArkWatch.com for news about continuing development of ideas and concepts into books, films and now music.

We are very proud to be teaming with ArkWatch and its CEO, Erik Daniel Shein, to bring to you not only beautiful stories but now also, some exquisite music.

Dennis Lowery, CEO

Adducent, Inc.

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