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Character: The Ultimate Success Factor

Character: The Ultimate Success Factor

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Character: The Ultimate Success Factor demonstrates how character, expressed through perspective, action, and resilience, determines success. Based on the personal, corporate and military experiences of Dr. J. Phillip (“Jack”) London, a successful defense industry executive, as well as many other real-life examples, the book presents the time-tested lessons behind character-driven success.

The book insightfully explains that while a variety of factors form our abilities and influence the events in our lives, character is the key to long-term success. Character is a unique set of moral and ethical qualities that define what you believe in, what you stand for, and what you expect of yourself and others. London asserts that how you act on these qualities – your statement of character – will determine how far you will go; if you succeed or fail. Success is also uniquely defined as acting with honesty and integrity, performing to the best of your ability, and appreciating the people who helped you achieve your goals. Enduring success is never gained by unethical or unlawful means, for dubious purposes, or at great moral cost.

The development of character-driven success is unveiled in 17 lessons grouped into five progressive sections. Based on the architectural wedge-shaped piece at the summit of an arch that holds the other pieces in place, the first section is titled Keystone: Character.  Expressions of character, from personal behavior to the role and influence of others’, form perspectives about success. The second section called Blueprint: Vision, adds the next step of deciding what you want to achieve. While taking the strategic steps of setting out the big picture, character is also developed by using judgment, dealing with change and the unexpected, and identifying unique opportunities to be distinctive. Structure: Action, the third section, focuses on the frequent challenges in achieving goals, such as struggles with taking the first steps, decisiveness, self-expression, and taking the lead. The value of our efforts is examined in the fourth section called Appraise: Resolve. Every so often we need, or are forced, to stop and assess things. Sometimes, it’s assessing a risk. Other times, it’s assessing whether to go any further. The final section, Build: Momentum, discusses the most important lesson; that we are building ourselves and our future, because we are all a work in progress.  This is success in its most genuine and most realistic form.

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How to Find Money for Your Business

How to Find Money for Your Business

How To Find Money for Your Business - a GuideOver three decades of experience the author has seen, heard from and spoken with hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners to help them with their business. Often it is hard to get them to see that if they are going to get their business or expansion funded they have to take the time to fully understand what investors and/or financial partners want to know about their venture or business. It’s not what you (the entrepreneur/business owner) knows… it’s about what the investors/funding sources want (and need to know) about your business. And just as important: the entrepreneur/business owner must know how to present their idea and venture in the right way to cover those things that an investor and/or funding source is going to want to know. Only then does the entrepreneur/business owner have a true shot at getting the capital they need.

This quick and easy to understand guide will help prepare the entrepreneur/business owner to do just that. Improve their shot.

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Ebook… under $1 for a limited time | Business Plans Explained: The Things You Need to Know About Business Plans that most people don’t

Business Plans Explained: The Things You Need to Know About Business Plans–that most people don’t

Business Plans EXPLAINEDHere is something that is very important to understand about business plans that entrepreneurs and business owners often never think to ask and rarely explained to people starting their first business. Very often entrepreneurs that write their own business plan to save money, or have someone inexperienced write their plan; end up with the very type of plan that won’t get the job done for them. This is the single most important reason why you should learn more than just “how to write a business plan” or have just any “writer” do your business plan.

If you follow what’s in this guide, you will be able to create a more compelling and powerful business plan. If you are having someone write your plan for you, then use this guide as a means to check their work to make sure they write a plan for you that has all the elements that make it stand out from all the other plans that investors and funding sources receive.

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REVIEW | So You Want to Be a CEO – “a sound methodology” from a former NYSE listed company CEO

Customer Review from Gordon Fu

So You Want to be A CEOTom Faught outlines a sound methodology for getting to the next level and beyond. He shares insights based on both real-world experience and careful introspection. The “plan” allows for varying degrees of flexibility, depending on one’s current position and career goals. With a hands-on approach, Faught points out one’s glaring weaknesses, strengths, and areas of obligatory improvement. My copy is filled with my notes and I’m not sharing my copy. Get your own! Happy reading…

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UPCOMING | Stuck in the Middle | A Generation X View of Talent Management

When people don’t employ personal talent management in the way of owning their own succession plan; when companies and organizations don’t build and sustain an integrated talent management strategy; they remain stuck in the middle; somewhere between who they are and who they want to be. How to get unstuck, how to break free from the middle is what individuals and organizations often don’t understand.

That critical understanding (and ability to take action on it to improve your situation) is what you’ll find in this book as told through the eyes of a member of Generation X.

Stuck in the Middle | A Generation X View of Talent Management by Dr. Curtis L. Odom is a “Must Read” for business executives looking to help their organization and for professionals who want to improve the trajectory of their careers!

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Stuck in the Middle | A Generation X View of Talent Management

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Stuck in the Middle | A Generation X View of Talent Management

Stuck in the Middle | A Generation X View of Talent Management

ISBN: 978-1-937592-05-9 (hardcover with dust-jacket)
Page Count: 188

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Our latest business and career educational title 

Part of making things happen as an individual, in your career, or as a company is taking a hard look at things and saying, “These are my flaws. These are my shortcomings. These are the self-defeating actions where I’ve shot my success in the foot.” Any person or company who says they’ve never done those things is hindering their success, ruining their achievement, and unwittingly keeping themselves stuck in the middle. The unwillingness to do a hard current state assessment is a barrier between getting what you want and continuing to lack what you need. Finding that progress gap is the secret ingredient in the magic formula for understanding what it is that you need (not necessarily what you want) and then taking the steps to get that result (which leads to what you want). Talent management is indeed a business imperative to build and grow a successful organization … but more importantly it is also a personal imperative for professionals to build successful careers.

When people don’t employ personal talent management in the way of owning their own succession plan; when companies and organizations don’t build and sustain an integrated talent management strategy; they remain stuck in the middle; somewhere between who they are and who they want to be. How to get unstuck, how to break free from the middle is what individuals and organizations often don’t understand.  That critical understanding (and ability to take action on it to improve your situation) is what you’ll find in this book as told through the eyes of a member of Generation X.

From the author:

I think the best way to teach is to provide examples… preferably real and not hypothetical ones constructed purely for the sake of answering a question. Real experience. Real events. Real decisions… with real outcomes. ‘What I did, why I did it, and what happened next’ kind of examples. That is how I’ve approached this book you have in your hands. There will be some , what I feel are astute, Generation X observations on life and certainly on career at it relates to talent management but these are only part of what I want to share with you. I meet a lot of people who, like me, are Gen Xers who are trying to figure out “How do I make it in corporate America?” I have had career success and reached fairly senior positions for ‘someone of my age’ with more than one Fortune 100 company. So people come to me and ask, “What does it take to get to where you are?” How did I do it? Did I have to sell my soul, strike a deal with the devil, or some different compromising scenario that was traded in an effort for quick success?

And then I tell them my career story, which you will find in this book. It is a story steeped in my passion to help organizations solve the dilemma of how and when to buy, build, or borrow the talent they need, while not losing focus on running their business today. This story and the same passion will speak to individuals as well and give them insights and actionable advice on applying proven talent management principles to improve the trajectory of their own careers.

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So You Want To Be A CEO?

So You Want To Be A CEO?

Outlining the requirements for management success in the 21st century, the author proposes both a senior management career path to achieving top executive responsibilities and how the CEO successfully meets his or her challenges once that apex position is achieved. 

Thomas Faught is the author and his over forty years of global management experience, including more than a decade as a Chief Executive Officer of a NYSE listed company, underscores the dynamics of this book.  It is intended for the aspiring individual who currently has some management experience, the ambition and dedicated focus to be the business leader, the self-confidence to recognize and be comfortable with risk taking and to exercise “out of the box” thinking in accomplishing the vision they develop for their organization.

The book covers all the dynamics of these objectives, including the importance of the family, effective time management, discipline in all of its meanings and the real relationships between the business leader, the Board of Directors,  the executive team, shareholders, employees, the market,  and the increasing influence of government actions and involvement.

The author brings to the thinking expressed in the book considerable global business knowledge as well as a direct management background in working with the government. He served as Assistant Secretary of the Navy during President Reagan’s Administration, was the President and Chief Executive Officer of a major corporation engaged partly in government contract work, and has acted as advisor to several Directors, Commanders and leaders of government and military organizations.  Thus, he has “worked both sides of the – management – street.”  He also is a Marine, having served as an enlisted infantry rifleman-radio operator and subsequently as a Marine officer. He holds a MBA from Harvard and a BS Degree from Oregon State College.

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Business plans EXPLAINED

Business plans EXPLAINED

Kindle Edition


Do you want to increase the potential for your business to get the funding and money that it needs to grow?

I hear the following quite often from investors, the professional advisors that work with them and from funding sources.

“Most business plans we see, especially those for start-up businesses or ventures, usually all have one thing in common: they are a good piece of fiction that often has some great ideas but no one really believes in what they read in them.”

Do you want to be sure that your business plan doesn’t get lumped in with business plans like they mention above?

Do you want to improve your current business plan or create one that has the best chance of attracting the interest of investors and funding sources?

If the answer is “yes” to the questions above … then we have something that will help you!  But first read what some of our customers and clients say about our knowledge and capability (which we build into this great business guide that will help you create a powerful and compelling business plan perfect to present to Investors and Funding Sources for your business):

Some Recommendations for Dennis Lowery:

Cheryl hired you as a Business Consultant
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

“Dennis has helped us take our vision and make a road map for success. He is mentoring us on setting up a strong foundation for our business and he has been instrumental in crafting a business plan that gets positive attention. We have recently received seed funding with this plan and I can honestly say I don’t know if we would have reached this goal with out him. I would recommend him to any entrepreneur; listen to him, follow his advice, he can help you achieve your goals!”

Messay H (client)

Messay hired you as a Business Consultant and hired you more than once
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time

“Dennis helped me at different times in preparing business plan, researching, websites and editing different material. He is very patient, personable, and creative man. His works always exceeds expectation and that is why I always go back to him when I need something done professionally.”

Greg Keef (client)

Greg hired you as a Business Consultant and hired you more than once
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

“Credibility and work ethic are two very important qualities that stand out in my mind when referring to Dennis. Dennis has been instrumental in my business start up project, and has been able to assist me with issues beyond the scope of our contract. The product and service I have received from Dennis has exceeded my expectations, and has been a pleasure working with him.”

Here’s what you’ll learn from this guide:

- determine the type of plan you need
- sources for your business & market research
- common mistakes to avoid
- what “not” to put in your plan
- what’s important to include in your plan
- what to do that gets investors attention
- how to “design” your plan to fit your business

Improve your business plan.  This guide is quick to read and easy to use!

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Learn How To Buy A Good Business — The Right One for You

Learn How To Buy A Good Business — The Right One for You


Some Reviews:

Dennis, I got it, but there is a downside … I feel like I RIPPED YOU OFF!WOW, is all I can say. Dennis, even if you raised the price to $500, you’re GIVING IT AWAY!

I was skimming the materials as I do with all books before I get started and that alone overwhelmed me. I can’t believe my eyes Dennis. If I can’t buy a business, it’s not because it cannot be done, it’s because I was to lazy to go out and do it!

Talk to you soon Dennis, I got a lot of work to do! (Feel free to use my words as a testimonial on your website).

With regards,
Ron H. (former business broker)

PS.- I’ve read the course twice already. It’s well written. It’s very easy to understand.


I wanted to take a moment and pass along my feedback on your book “How To Buy A Good Business Without Using Your Own Money” and the materials that came with it.

I work with numerous buyers as an M&A consultant and am always interested in learning new and creative ways to help clients achieve their goals. I have read numerous other books on how to buy businesses, some with a focus on leveraged buy-outs and I found yours to be a much more realistic picture from which everyone (from a beginner to an experienced business buyer) can learn.

The book provides a great step by step process, from the search to closing the deal, while consistently outlining the opportunities and risks associated with each step. Unlike other books I have read, I appreciate your outlook of creating a mutually beneficial deal for both the buyer and the seller.

Thank you, Justin G., Consultant

Hi Folks,

I recently purchased the book about LBO Training. Great Info!

Dr. Rodney B.

p.s. I’ve purchased many books and courses over the years on the subject of “how to buy a business” written by people I’m sure you’re familiar with. I rank your book as one of the better references I’ve come across.

Here are some highlights from what’s in the book:

- How to find the right business to buy (including the best way to use the Internet for your searches)
- How to communicate with the business owners (including how to work with business brokers)
- How to analyze the business (step-by-step what to look for to make sure it is the right deal for you)
- How to structure the deal (take your analysis and determine what the business can do to help you buy it)
- How to finance the deal (including sources of funding)
- How to negotiate the deal (how to present your self, what to say and how to act)
- How to conduct your due diligence (check list of the VERY IMPORTANT questions you must get answers to)
- How to close the deal (important tips to get a smooth closing)

In this book you’ll get:

  • The absolute best way to use the Internet for your business buying research and communication.
  • Sources of funding for your deals and guidance on how to find hundreds more.
  • How to communicate with business owners and brokers (email templates and phone scripts to guide you).
  • A process and template for what information is important to gather so you can do an initial review.
  • How to determine quickly if you should take a closer look at a particular business seller.
  • A step-by-step plan on what you need to do; a route to follow.
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