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In the News | Author Rick Waddell promoted to major general

Congratulations to author, Rick Waddell, who just published his third book, The Army & Low Intensity Conflict, and just received his second star!

—from the press release
Army Reserve Brig. Gen. Ricky L. Waddell, to the rank of major general and for assignment as deputy commander, mobilization and reserve affairs (Individual Mobilization Augmentee), U.S. Southern Command, Miami, Fla. Waddell most recently served as commander, Combined Joint Interagency Task Force-Shafafiyat, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, International Security Assistance Force, Kabul, Afghanistan.


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In the News | Author Donna McAleer appointed to Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services

They made a good choice! We are proud to know Donna and to have published her award winning book, Porcelain On Steel | Women of West Point’s Long Gray Line. Donna is a staunch advocate for veterans and has worked tirelessly on behalf of women veteran’s rights. The Rev. Dr. Cynthia Lindenmeyer, one of the women profiled in Donna’s book, has also been appointed to this committee.

Read the press release from the Department of Defense

Defense Advisory Committee on Women In The Service

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In the News | Author, Kerry Kachejian on panel discussion – The Impact of a Weakened Military

Our author, Kerry Kachejian, Colonel, USAR (Retired) is one of the United States most qualified soldiers and engineers, having served in and supported reconstruction operations in both Iraq and Afghanistan as well as relief operations during Hurricane Katrina. He is the author of, SUVs Suck in Combat, and recently participated on a panel discussion about whether potential budget cuts will weaken the United States military (and he points out how they have in the past).

Here’s the video of the discussion:

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UPCOMING | The Army and Low Intensity Conflict

“History shows that the bill payers of failed policy and short-sighted national security planning are the military forces of the nation.”

— Rear Admiral Phillip R. Olson, speaking to a conference on low intensity conflict

From author, Rick Waddell.

Click here for more details on the book.

The Army & Low Intesity Conflict by Rick Waddell

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UPCOMING | Generation X Approved – Top 20 Keys to Effective Leadership


Coming March 2013 (click here for details on this title)


Generation X Approved - Top 20 Keys to Effective Leadership


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Upcoming – DEFENDER DOLPHINS | The Story of Project Short Time

DEFENDER DOLPHINS | The Story of Project Short Time

The full truth about the world’s first DEFENDER DOLPHINS has never been told — until now!

Meet Garth, John, Slan, Tinker and Toad, Project Short Time’s highly trained defender dolphins who protected a key ammunition pier in Vietnam — and laid a foundation for modern-day partnerships with dolphins, many of them their descendants.

Learn how the author — the Navy’s First Marine Mammal Officer — as well as all the scientists, engineers, military leaders, and trainers built the Navy’s SECRET Marine Mammal Program literally from scratch, added to scientific knowledge, and successfully saved lives and high value resources during the Vietnam War.

Included inside are:

• Never-before-seen historic photographs.

• A timeline of events, a map, and a glossary.

• Behind-the-scenes human-interest stories.

• Profiles of key personnel.

• A look at the defender dolphins and other key marine mammals.

• A where-are-they-now summary.

• A refutation of common misconceptions and distortions about military dolphins.


Detailed and fascinating account of a clandestine effort undertaken decades ago during the Vietnam war...”

— James Zumwalt, Lieutenant Colonel, USMC (ret.), son of Admiral Elmo R. (Bud) Zumwalt Jr., the Chief of Naval Operations who ordered the deployment of Project Short Time

Of great interest to readers…”

— Ricou Browning, author/creator of the popular 1960s movie and television franchise Flipper

Hal Goforth’s remarkable story details for the first time the partnership forged between man and dolphins...”

— Terrie M. Williams., Ph.D., Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of California, Santa Cruz

DEFENDER DOLPHINS: The Story of Project Short Time is the never-before-told eyewitness account of a unique and daring SECRET project during the Vietnam War involving the first-ever military use of dolphins.

Even though the facts contained in DEFENDER DOLPHINS were declassified in 1992, no one has attempted to document the amazing project — until now. Myths and lies have filled the void, calling into question the integrity of the program that saved lives in Vietnam, added to scientific knowledge, and laid a foundation for modern-day partnerships with trained dolphins, many of them descendants of the original defender dolphins. Ten years in the making, DEFENDER DOLPHINS corrects the misconceptions by spelling out the true story.

DEFENDER DOLPHINS begins with the early days of nascent marine mammal research at California’s Naval Ordnance Test Station China Lake and Point Mugu Naval Missile Center, and follows the “Secret Fish People” at the Naval Undersea Center Hawaii Lab, to deployment of the Swimmer Defense System at Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam. Behind-the-scenes stories bring to life the men and women who sacrificed to make Project Short Time a success. The book also effectively refutes many of the rumors, distortions, and misinformation still floating around about military use of dolphins.

DEFENDER DOLPHINS highlights the vision, ingenuity, persistence, and personal sacrifice of the pioneers who braved low budgets, brutal deadlines, and bureaucratic snafus to achieve something new and great with Garth, John, Slan, Tinker and Toad — the defender dolphins.

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Available Now | DOOMSDAY: Iran ~ The Clock is Ticking

AVAILABLE NOW from James G. Zumwalt:

And so the clock ticks closer….

This book seeks to give the reader a comprehensive understanding of the Iranian leadership’s mindset as it has played out and continues to play out on a wide range of issues—how it worked to implement Islamist doctrine into Iran’s constitution; how it worked to use the US Iranian hostage crisis as means of unifying domestic opposition behind the theocracy; how it could have ended in two years an Iran-Iraq war that took eight; how it was willing to sacrifice its greatest treasure in an effort to defeat Saddam’s army; how it thrives on hypocrisy and its people’s willingness to accept it; how it seeks to stamp out the country’s true Persian identity; how it utilizes the extra-territoriality mandate of its constitution to justify terrorist attacks anywhere in the world; and, most importantly, what its plans for Iran’s future means for America’s.

It is an outstanding read for anyone trying to understand what makes Iranian leaders like Ali Khamenei and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad tick. The book is peppered with fascinating details and accounts that help simplify the driving motivations behind a complex mindset committed to achieving a goal it so believes it has been ordained to achieve.

Armed with such an understanding, the reader cannot help but realize Iran’s leadership has set into motion its own Doomsday Clock–one fast approaching midnight!

DOOMSDAY: Iran ~ The Clock is Ticking

About the Doomsday Clock

Sixty-five years ago, a universally recognized means for assessing global vulnerability to self-destruction based on man’s development of weapons of mass destruction was established.

As of 2007, that vulnerability assessment began to include man-made catastrophes related to climate change and emerging technologies.

Dubbed the “Doomsday Clock,” it is monitored by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (BAS) in Washington, D.C. When these scientists determine man’s actions or inaction are allowing such vulnerabilities to significantly increase the danger to mankind, the minute hand of the clock is moved closer to midnight—with the number of ticks reflected by the seriousness of the danger. Alternatively, a movement of the hand farther away symbolizes a reduced likelihood such an event will occur.

Over these past six and a half decades, the minute hand has covered a fifteen minute spread, springing precariously close to midnight before easing back. The decision on any adjustment is made by the organization’s Board of Directors, after consultation with their Board of Sponsors—a group that includes 18 Nobel Laureates.

Adjustments to the Clock are not made annually but on an as-needed basis. When an adjustment is required—which has occurred twenty times during the Clock’s existence—normally it is made in the month of January. In 2007, the Clock was moved forward two minutes from its 2002 position, to five minutes before midnight; in 2010, it was moved backward to six minutes; and, most recently, in January 2012, an adjustment was made moving it forward again to the 2007 five-minute-before-midnight mark.

In 2012, when the Doomsday Clock’s hand moved one minute closer to midnight, it was attributed to three developments: (1) The narrowly avoided disaster at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant triggered by the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami; (2) the transition of power and control of North Korea’s nuclear weapons to another generation of the Kim dynasty; and (3) Iran’s designs on developing nuclear weapons.

It is the third development that is most worrisome as a theocracy, which has proven itself to be ruthless and brutal, in Tehran communicates to the civilized world exactly what violent intentions it has for the future—all while refusing to come clean on whether those intentions include a nuclear weapons capability.


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REVIEW | Mirabella and the Pearl of Chulothe – “A really good read with a crisp narrative style”

Read the Review at Amazon

Miraballa and the Pearl of Chulothe

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REVIEW | SUVs Suck in Combat – “Nicely written, anecdotal, and peppered with humor and photos…”

Read the Review at Amazon

SUVs Suck in Combat

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REVIEW | Snapshots of a Bronx Love Affair

It is a simple story of a generation coming of age in a place and time we will not see the likes of again.

Michael Mazen was a child of the Great Depression and grew up on the streets of the Bronx. Snapshots of a Bronx Love Affair, covering 60 years, is the story of his life before, during and after World War II.

“There is a scene from a concentration camp that was just so real. I could not sleep…”

Read the Review at Amazon

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